Strong partnerships outlast trends. Reinvention and innovation are critical skills a business has to master to survive the ups and downs of any market. But it takes more than that to thrive. Building partnerships and trusted relationships in the energy sector can mean the difference between enduring and flourishing.

IHS Product Design:
Whether you need to identify the safest drilling location, value an oil asset, or weigh a solar array investment, IHS Energy has you covered. Our 600+ energy experts and 800+ geoscientists and engineers apply advanced analytics to proprietary data to offer insights into the entire energy value chain – from oil, gas, and coal in the ground to renewables to local gas stations and global power grids.


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers):
Today’s power and energy corporations deliver new patented technologies at an ever-increasing pace, based on research that is at the forefront of the industry. Organizations like ABB Ltd, Siemens, Emerson Electric, Honeywell, Total, and GE all cite high proportions of IEEE literature in patents for new technology.
Patent references to IEEE papers have increased 896% since 1997 and recent studies of the top patenting companies show that IEEE scientific and technical articles are cited over 3 times more often than any other scholarly or commercial publisher.


AWS (American Welding Society):
AWS is the worldwide leader in certification programs for the welding industry. Since the CWI (Certified Welding Inspectors) program inception in 1976, AWS has certified 97,000+ welding inspectors alone, plus thousands more working professionals across other certification categories. AWS conducts exams in locations around the world, including 550 U.S. sites and 40 countries each year.


IHS Maritime & Trade:
IHS is the industry’s authoritative provider of information, analytics and insight to help clients understand the complex environment that shapes energy markets and asset performance. Our experts and analytical tools enable clients to continuously improve their strategy and operations across the entire energy value chain, covering oil & gas, coal, power and renewables.